Here is everything you need to know to begin giving generously to Community of Grace.

Community of Grace works because you give.  

Our mission is fueled by your generous giving.  

Thank you for your support as we seek to advance the gospel of Jesus through the life of the local church!  

We give because our hearts have been changed by the Gospel

and because we worship a generous God.   

We give out of love to God who has given us all things in the gospel. 

Generosity is one of the many ways followers of Jesus can reflect the character of God. 

When we give generously we spread God’s fame

and join him in meeting the needs of our city and world.  

Three Ways to Give


1. The best way to love the church is to schedule monthly giving online.  

This helps with cash flow management and helps us to be better stewards of our finances.  

Click the button below to sign up for online giving.


2. You may give as part of our Sunday morning worship gathering. 

Please place your giving in the wooden offering boxes found in the front or back of the worship space.

3. You may give via text messaging. 

This can be set up by texting the word "giving" to (716) 800-4172.