Statement of Faith

Community of Grace is a church built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are seeking to follow Jesus in every area of life and we are calling others to do the same. We are part of Sovereign Grace family of churches and as such we affirm the following statement of faith.  

What we want to be known for

1. Gospel Culture - the power of the Gospel creates a new culture and it changes the way that we live together


2. Missional Living - every member of the church gets to take part in the mission of God.


3. Dependency on the Spirit - moment to moment dependence on the Spirit of God in all that we do.


4. Biblical Wisdom - learning to skillfully follow Christ in every area of life.


5. Authentic Community - life together in the truth and grace of God.


6. Happy Complementarianism - God's beautiful design for men and women.


7. The Sanctity of All Life - learning to truly value the image of God in all people.

Children's Ministry

Our desire at Community of Grace is that everyone of our children grows up immersed in the grammar of the Gospel. To this end our priorities are:


1. Well-trained, well-screened volunteers.


2. A fun, gospel-rich, and interactive teaching environment for our children ages 5-10.


3. Space within the building that is clean and inviting.


4. A library of children's resources that can be borrowed free of charge.


5. A clean, well-staffed, and safe nursery space for our little ones.




Our church is led by a plurality of elders - Matthew Moran, Rob Saathoff, and Eric Farley. These men share the preaching and teaching ministry of the church and oversight involved in caring for souls and leading the mission and vision of the church. To find our more about each man, click here.


We believe that the local church is at the heart of God's redemptive plan. Joining the church and submitting to her care and mission is the New Testament way of saying "I'm In!" with Jesus' people and mission. 

At CoG we have regular classes and conversations with people who are exploring membership with us. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member, click here.


God has opened the doors for us to have a significant ministry with prison inmates in nearby Alden, NY. Each month we are sending men into the prison to meet with men who are serving time in a maximum security facility. To find out more about this ministry click on the "Prison Ministry" tab at the top of this site.

"A gospel-beautified church is defined by the mega-fact that the gospel is good news for bad people. That good news is preached and sung and memorized and meditated on and discussed and savored as the focus of that church's endless fascination. In this new kind of social environment, Christ is lifted up, sins are confessed, shame is removed, dignity is restored, forgiveness is felt, the races are reconciled, sexual integrity is recovered, money is humbled, power serves, sacrifice is normal, joy is contagious, and so forth. That is how the gospel beautifies a church." 

- Ray Ortlund